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  • Major Service department

    Collection Department

    Receiving the document transferred and valuable data collection

    Utilization Department

    Application and consultancy of archives and data restored

    Social Education Department

    Youth education base of the Archives, by using holding, hold exposition, organize summer camp, writing contest, visitor reception and management.

    Beijing Historical Resource Publication

    Edit Beijing Historical Resource, to publish, distribute, announce holding, compose and edit research articles

    Thematic resource publication

    To meet social demand, edit and publish Thematic resource based on holding

    Research Office

    Application of holding and history information restored, coordinate and organize comprehensive service, academic and activity.

    Computer Department

    Service of software, hardware, network, database and Internet of the Archives.

    Protection Department

    Maintenance and repair of document and digitalize process of audio/visaul archives

    Microfilm Department

    Microfilm copy and digitalized process

    Cataloguing Department

    Cataloguing of holding

    Arrangement Department

    Arrangement, authenticate, and destroy of holding

    Storage Department

    Storage house of holding

    Copyright: Beijing municipal archives public safety by 110401200266 Beijing Beijing ICP No. 05014030
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