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      The holding of Beijing Municipal Archives currently is over 1,519,908 volumes archives and 30,000 volumes materials.

      All archives are graded as those set up before and after the founding of the PRC. Those before new China"s founding consist of archives of Ming/Qing Dynasties, the Republican China"s governments and archives on revolutionary history.

      Scattered documents about Ming/Qing Dynasties are gleaned forming the Ming/Qing Dynasties Archives measuring 2118 volumes covering the time from 1533 to 1911, which includes imperial mandate, some real estate, emperors" orders for the assess to foreign preachers into China, notes, documents on forbidding going to the sea in Qing Dynasty, miscellanea and charts recording wars on PengHu and Taiwan Islands, copies of Tianjin Treaty, Beijing Treaty and Maguan Treaty, etc.

      There are over 800,000 volumes archives in the period of the Republican China covering from 1911 to 1949 which includes part of archives in the period of Beiyang Government on Beijing"s municipal offices and police bureaus from 1911 and 1928, archives of Kuomintang Party"s government in Beijing and its subordinate departments, Party divisions, cultural organizatiaon, military institutions, commercial organizations and files stored in Beijing of other provinces from 1928 to 1949 as well as those of Japan-controlled authorities and departments.

      Revolutionary historial archives comprise of those formed in the civil war, Anti-Japan war, Liberation war from 1919 to 1949 and some of CPC"s branch in North-China.

      Great valued is seen for researching Beijing"s history in this period because of these archives" being complete and systematic. Besides archives on public governmental business, there also has part of special files, i.e. real estate prior to 1949,Beijing residence registry around 1948, etc.

      Regarding archives established after the PRC"s founding, there involves Beijing Municipal Committee, municipal government and subordinate units, offices, mass groups, commercial enterprises, cultural institutions and retracted organizations. All those contain undertakings in industry, agriculture, commerce, education, culture, sanitation, health, garden/water conservancy, civil infrastructure and civil businesses, etc., i.e. archives on merge of public-owned and private enterprises, educated youths going to the countryside, the 3rd census of Beijing"s population, the Asian Games, the Universiade games and Beijing"s application for holding Olympics two times, etc.

      In addition to those, there are materials and data covering history from Qing Dynasty to today including civil records, laws of Qing Dynasty, records of Party/military force and economical/social development of the Republican China and the new China. The judicial communiqué, civil communiqué and part of military bodies and Alumina Directory of education bodies bear crucial application values.

      There are paper, photo, audio/visaul and digital archives.

    Copyright: Beijing municipal archives public safety by 110401200266 Beijing Beijing ICP No. 05014030
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